The experience


Two decades after the dramatic end of the failed theme park “Conscience,” laws related to androids have changed significantly: robots and androids are human’s responsibility and treated as commodities, but they need to be programmed with specific and basic functionalities. It is forbidden to make them emulate feelings or to give them a human aspect.


Thyself is a secret program that trains humans and their respective android copy for a risky mission. Of course, it is off the books. After burying the whole Conscience project, the government has brought together Aleph’s better behavior engineers, to make a perfect copy of a skilled human to guarantee the success of the mission.

The characters selected for the mission belong to the elite of humanity for their skills and knowledge in different areas such as piloting, robotics, engineering, science or survival.


After months of work and isolation from the world, the humans are ready to meet their android copies to train them. 


What to expect?

  • Some classes and tests (technobabble mostly).

  • The weird feeling of knowing someone that looks like you exactly but is a different (and maybe better?) version of yourself.

  • Interpersonal drama.

  • Long conversations about humanity, sense of life, otherness, humanity, transhumanism, legacy and robotic laws.

What not to expect?

  • The player’s bodies are not part of the game: you can play any character you want regardless of your real-life body and comments over your body shouldn’t happen in-game.
  • Sexual violence.
  • Torture porn.

About the couples android-human:

  • You will play the human and android versions of the same character. Most of the characters are not aware yet of their real nature.
  • You can look differently off-game and we will consider that you look exactly the same in-game. If you are playing versions with different genders, you will look like siblings in-game.
  • The android has the same knowledge and memories as the human, but they are not an exact copy. Your nonverbal communications and reactions don’t need to look the same.
  • We expect you to prepare the character with your co-player.
  • You will share the same room and double bed with your co-player.

Our playing culture.

  • Players are more important than the larp (check the Safety section).
  • The main goal is to tell a story with your co-players. Play with and for them.
  • We will give you a full character sheet with relationships some months before the game.
  • You will be able to tweak relationships and negotiate with your co-players.
  • We are ok with transparency but some of the players might not be. We expect you to ask players whether they want you to disclose secrets off-game.
  • It is ok to calibrate anytime you need it. You can say “Off-game”+ what you need to happen in-game. For example: “off-game, I prefer not to talk about divorce.” With this tool, you can change the subject in case you are not feeling comfortable or you can negotiate a scene before it happens.
  • If the larp is not working for you, please let us know during the larp so we can do our best to help you.
  • We try to learn from our mistakes. We are happy to listen if there is something that we can improve.